Research with fresh eyes

shutterstock_149612510_optNitty Gritty offers a research perspective grown from ‘fresh lens thinking’  about how best to gain insights.We’ve carried out a massive number of projects across marketing, research and government sectors and are known for our different perspectives on typical issues.

We approach each project with a different lens

The focus is on what will give you an advantage in the market, not what might just suit the brief. Or what we think we are good at or like to do.

Our solutions are not your garden variety solution but then again your challenges are naturally unique to your situation and business too.

That means our last project won’t be recut to make it fit your requirements. It’s your territory, it is different. It also means the benchmark is set higher to get the best solution for your business.


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Drill down to the nitty gritty

Good qualitative research is peckish.

It thrives on looking around corners and under stairs for solution.

So we’re never happy with the obvious and are keen to explore and see what emerges.

We use (and regularly devise) a wide range of  qualitative techniques and tools to fit a project.

Importantly, we’re not bound to flavour of the month techniques and ‘smoke and mirrors’  (although we do find focus groups to be very useful if they are a good fit  with the project).

We will work with you to explore what will shed the most insight within the market and within your project brief.

This might involve any of the following options:

  • Focus groups
  • Affinity/peer groups
  • Employee/Team interviews
  • Consumer immersions
  • Consumer cafes
  • Online forums
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Industry spokespeople
  • Self reports/diaries

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Super fussy about  quantitative methods…?

Good, so is Nitty Gritty.

With strong footings in both qual and quant methods our thinking is always one step ahead, well ensuring the loose ends are tied up.

It also helps that integrating qual and quant to tell a story is a strong suit.

We can help you draw clear insights from complex data and ensure this is robust and easy to communicate to your audience.

We also can provide creative ways to portray data insights in the form of visuals, infographics and internal publications.

Some of the areas we can help you gather the best metrics include:

  • Consumer Segmentation
  • User evaluations
  • Brand Health
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Market impact
  • Campaign effect
  • Behaviour + Attitude change
  • Comms Testing
  • Market Audits

It’s useful to think over your project requirements even for just a few minutes…

Project Cheat Sheet

What is the main thing I wan’t to get out of this project?Which target group or audience is the most important?What information gaps do I have?What is ‘nice to have’ information versus ‘essential’ ?What is the most urgent information?What will I do with this information, how will it be used?


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