04 Mar '14

Don’t you just love it when a brand pops up on the horizon that is counterculture in so many ways?shutterstock_73565179

When we’ve been indoctrinated with the fundamentalist school of  ‘consumers connect with your stories not your brand’ it’s kind of refreshing to get a bolt out of the blue that wants to rock the boat and just say… “hello, I’m here, and, I’m enough”.

I’m particularly thinking of Xero (pronounced zero), an online accounts tool which is not afraid to be anything that accounting isn’t.

I was caught unawares by its recent radio campaign launch which is not only boppy and quirky – it uses a VO that sounds like the presenter is a very ladylike robot from the Jetsons crossed with a Clinique salesperson.

Its catch cry is…

Beautiful accounting  for Beautiful Business

I guess they really mean business in reframing accounting software.

Why shouldn’t an accounting tool be allowed to be…?

  • Cute, sassy, and dare I say ‘surprising’
  • Modern, clean and slick in design
  • Even a  little funky
  • Associated with ‘freedom’ not ‘duty’

I’d say they’ve tapped into the ‘frustrated perfectionist’ with their marketing – I happen to know quite a few of them.

Sometimes it’s best to down tools to get ahead.